2020/7/5-7/10 We will be support 25th IUPAC International Conference On Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC 25) (Hiroshima: Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima).
2019/9/22-9/26 We will be support the 14th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures (PRADS 2019) (Yokohama: PACIFICO Yokohama).
2019/7/14-7/19 We will be support NTTI 2019 and BEC 2019 (New Trends in Topological Insulators 2019 and Variety and universality of bulk-edge correspondence 2019) (Hiroshima: Aster Plaza).
2019/5/21-5/23 We will be support Japan Adsorption 2019 (Chiba: Makuhari Messe).
2019/3/24-3/25 We have supported 8th Global Reverse Phase Protein Array Workshop (RPPA 2019) (Tokyo: National Cancer Center) .
2018/11/12-11/16 We have supported IAU Symposium # 341 : PanModel2018: Challenges in Panchromatic Galaxy Modelling with Next Generation Facilities (IAU Symposium) (Osaka: Osaka University Hall).
2018/9/17-9/19 We have supported Fourth Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference (APCLC 2018) (Takamatsu: Sunport Hall Takamatsu).
2018/9/10-9/14 We have supported The 6th International Meeting on Magnetotactic Bacteria (MTB 2018) (Kanazawa: Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce) .
2018/8/27-8/31 We have supported The 13th International Meeting on Electrochromism (IME-13) (Chiba: Chiba University Nishi Chiba Campus).
2018/7/8-7/12 We have supported the 25th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV25) (Hiroshima: Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima).
2018/7/8-7/12 We have supported 7th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI AAI 2018) (Yonago: Yonago Convention Center BiG SHiP) by the registration system.
2018/3/26-3/27 We have supported the First IEEE International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for ASEAN Development (ASEAN-AI 2018) (Thailand Phuket:KEE Resort & Spa) by the registration system.
2018/3/21-3/23 We have supported AESCS 2018 and IMA Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (Chiba: International Medical Welfare University).
2017/11/22-11/25 We have supported IEEE SOCA 2017 (Kanazawa: Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce).
2017/11/09-11/11 We have supported KICSS 2017 (Nagoya: Nagoya Institute of Technology) by the registration system.
2017/10/01 We have changed our company name from Conference Service Tokyo to JBE Inc.
Our company location has been changed to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
2017/07/10-07/11 We have supported the 6th International Tourism Convention Symposium (Hamamatsu: Act City Hamamatsu Congress Center).
2017/07/09-07/13 We have supported IIAI AAI 2017 (Hamamatsu: Act City Hamamatsu Congress Center)by the registration system.
2016/10/27-10/29 We have supported ACIS 2016 (Thailand Krabi:Aonang Villa Resort) by the registration sysmte.
2016/09/30 As a case study, IIAI AAI 2016 was introduced by our supported on JNTO Japan MEETING & INCENTIVES (Kumamoto: Kumamoto City International Center).
International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics 2016
JNTO website is here
2016/09/28-09/30 We have supported IEEE ICA 2016 (Matsue: Kunibiki Messe).
2016/08/29-09/01 We have supported ACOM 2016 (Yamagata: TAKINOYU | the Japan Onsen Ryokan) by the registration system.
2016/07/11-07/12 We have supported the 5th International Tourism Convention Symposium (Kumamoto: Kumamoto City International Center).
2016/07/10-07/14 We have supported IIAI AAI 2016 (Kumamoto: Kumamoto City International Center).
2016/07/08 The unique venue of the international conference in charge of our company was selected as “Project to promote the use of unique venue for expanding attractive MICE” organized by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).
5th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics Sakuranobaba-Johsaien (Kumamoto, Japan)
JNTO website is here
2016/05/22-05/26 We have supported ACSMO (Nagasaki: Nagasaki Brick Hall) by the paper submission system.